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At Locksmith East York, we make it our business to always place the needs of our customers first and foremost.

We realize that, for our customers in commercial industries, things such as time, level of skill, as well as price of service are crucial factors when deciding which company to choose to solve to their locksmith emergencies. As a result, Locksmith East York not only assures a speedy response time, but we also guarantee that we will always be available, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, to handle any urgent situation regarding locks, key, or security system troubles.

When it comes to running a business and ensuring that it is successful with its business ventures, the last thing a company needs to deal with is an unexpected emergency that threatens to derail meeting deadlines or carrying out the functions of that business. With this in mind, Locksmith East York provides fast, reliable, and friendly service aimed at solving any unforeseen troubles that your keys, locks, or security systems may give you. As a part of our team, we have extremely well-qualified locksmith technicians,

who are able to provide any of the following services that your company may require:

• Business and commercial lockouts

• Key replacement and duplication

• Lost key retrieval

• Master key system installations and repairs

• Rekeying locksets or lockset replacements and upgrades

• Break-in damage repair

• Key impressions

• Installations, repairs, or replacements of your existing locks

• High security lock installations

• Emergency company automobile lockout rescue

• Installations, repairs, or changes to your office and company automobile security systems


At Locksmith East York, we aim to be renowned for a couple of things: our reliability as well as our friendly and helpful customer service. We endeavor to establish our ambition of being known for our reliability by always keeping our services available to you, our customer. Knowing that the business hours of our commercial industry customers vary from each other and that any tiny setback can result in the direst consequences, Locksmith East York makes itself available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week to ensure that whenever you need us we’ll be there for you.

Our locksmith technicians are the personnel who handle the telephone inquiries of the customers who call our office and they also take care of the emergencies incurred by lock, key, and security system troubles. This dual role of our technicians furthers our aim of developing a professional reputation in the East York area for delivering friendly customer service that provides knowledgeable and helpful information to the businesses seeking our services.

No matter what locksmith emergencies your company may face, we pledge that we are capable, willing, and always available to provide a useful solution to your troubles, enabling you to carry on with your business ventures as if there never was a problem in the first place. Here at Locksmith East York, we consider it our duty to always be ready to provide friendly, useful, and effective service to you, our customers, where we will provide you with professional locksmith assistance at an affordable price.



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